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Why use SIRK’s services?

Translation is a profession. A translator is not born from one day to the next simply because he or she speaks two languages or is bilingual. This profession requires a perfect knowledge of the language the translator wishes to translate into, as well as an excellent grasp of his or her mother tongue, not to mention a whole host of linguistic skills. The translator must also be highly cultured and possess a knowledge of technology, a certain degree of availability and flexibility.

Why use SIRK instead of a freelance translator?

Because if SIRK turns to a freelance translator it assumes responsibility for the entire project from beginning to end, which is to say, it guarantees a double systematic revision of the texts that you entrust to us by a person other than the translator, as required by the EN-15038:2006 Standard. You will also be guaranteed high levels of availability, reliability and ongoing quality, irrespective of the nature of the text in question.

Does SIRK guarantee confidentiality?

Discretion is an essential part of the translator’s professional code of ethics. All translators are subject to precise rules and legal regulations regarding professional secrecy. All documents that clients entrust to SIRK are automatically considered to be confidential, whether this is specified by the client or not. In this respect, SIRK guarantees maximum rigour and confidentiality when processing documents and places a series of confidentiality agreements at your disposal, not to mention personal access to the client area by means of personalised passwords.

SIRK fulfils the provisions regarding personal details established in the LOPD (General Act of Parliament 15/1999 for the Protection of Personal Data, dated 13th December).

Furthermore, SIRK is fully aware of the maximum confidentiality of the information it handles in the course of its professional activities and follows the strictest protocols accordingly:

       – Security of the information in terms of storage on the web and transmission: encrypting, permission, destruction, etc.

       – Signing of specific agreements with clients and collaborators in order to safeguard this confidentiality.

How can I obtain a quote from SIRK?

Our web page specifies several ways in which you can obtain a quote. You can produce a preliminary calculation yourself based on our rates. You can call us, you can send your document by e-mail or via the form that we attach for this purpose, or you can request that SIRK calls you back. Whatever way you choose to establish contact, SIRK will offer you a rapid and high-quality service at a competitive rate. What is more, SIRK does not impose a surcharge for urgent translations and we are at your service 24/7.

How can I calculate an approximate price?

In Spain, the price is calculated per word, based on the original text. There used to be a widely accepted standard regarding words, lines and pages: a page contained 250-300 words or 1,500 characters; a line contained 10 words and a word contained approximately 6 characters. However, given the profusion of programmes and formats, this standard has become obsolete. However, if you work with Word, your programme has a function that enables you to calculate the number of words in an open document. You simply have to click on your “Tools” menu and then on “Word Count”.

Does SIRK offer large-volume and regular-assignment discounts?

SIRK studies the conditions carefully (but rapidly) in the case of large-volume projects or regular-work assignments (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) in order to offer you the most competitive price possible, as well as ensuring optimum quality and strict punctuality regarding delivery.

Does SIRK offer interpreting services?

SIRK TRADUCCIONES works with the Interpreters’ Association of Madrid (AIM) and guarantees an impeccable service. Clients are billed per day. In the case of simultaneous interpreting, at least two interpreters are required. Certain details are also needed in order to provide a precise quote: times, schedule, number of participants, theme of the conference, availability of documentation, etc.