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MORE THAN 20 YEARS devoting our very best efforts to producing the best possible results for our clients.

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Sworn and Certified Translation



In a globalised world such as ours, it is essential to be able to communicate in different languages. However, new technologies and the emergence of new markets have introduced a competitive dimension to our work and this competitiveness fits perfectly with our philosophy at SIRK.

We have never applied abusive rates or surcharges for urgent translations and we always seek to make our clients’ lives easier, because we know they must focus their energies on other aspects of their business.

All of the professionals and partners that make up SIRK are passionate about languages and communication. They also have an in-depth knowledge of other cultures and an insatiable sense of curiosity regarding the world that surrounds us. And this is reflected in our work. We encompass an entire range of highly diverse sectors, such as cinema, tourism, art, fashion, sports, technology and legal translation. In almost all of these fields, the ultimate aim is to communicate, to sell an idea or a product and, sometimes, create sensations designed to attract the general public … and we have been doing this for MORE THAN 20 YEARS, devoting our very best efforts to producing the best possible results for our clients. We focus on every last detail and consult all kinds of documents, because this also enables us to enhance our own knowledge and culture. A translator who has no sense of curiosity is a poor translator.

SIRK uses the management and translation technologies that have gradually emerged over the last twenty years. And how things have changed in this time! Translation is now much more flexible, more rapid and much more systematic. This entails important time and money savings for clients and enables us to offer a higher-quality service at a better price. In fact, this is our slogan: price and quality.

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It is understandable that clients find it difficult to assess the quality and accuracy of a translation and, consequently, SIRK’s reliability. SIRK has always revised its translations, but now it also applies the quality criteria enshrined in the EN-15038:2006 Standard. This standard clearly establishes the criteria that a translation service provider must fulfil and the stages that every translation project must go through. And one of the key requirements is to use revisers who have the same skills as the translator and who master the translation topic in question and/or are able to guide and advise the translator within the field. 

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In order for a translation to be submitted to an official body or a notary, it usually needs to be sworn and certified. This means that the translation is signed and sealed by a translator who has the title of “Sworn Translator and Interpreter” (“Traductor e Intérprete Jurado”) granted by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Given that the purpose of a sworn translation is to certify the contents of the original text, the sworn translator is personally responsible for the translation in question.

Sworn translations are characterised by the specific formats in which they are presented. A certified translation can only be submitted on paper, given that it must include the sworn translator’s original signature and seal. In this respect, it must be delivered by hand or by messenger service.

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After more than 20 years at the service of the business community and different institutions, SIRK has learned how to adapt to their needs and demands in order to enhance its services, based on the latest technological innovations within the industry.

One of the most significant innovations is automatic translation, which permits texts in one language to be instantly translated into another. The quality level is acceptable and the price is lower than for a text created by a translator. With this system, many companies can permit themselves the luxury of translating contents that they are unable or unwilling to pay for. These kinds of translation tend to fulfil their purpose, but may contain syntactic, grammatical and spelling mistakes.

These texts tend to be translations of materials for internal use, drafts of any kind of document, correspondence, slides, tables, e-mails or web page and digital contents, to cite just a few examples.

SIRK is able to offer its clients automatic translation services by finding the best system that adapts to their needs without intervening in the process and at a highly attractive price. However, it also offers a POST-EDITING SERVICE, either to improve an automatic translation or work on already-translated contents and/or materials furnished by the client

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We know how much time and energy companies and institutions devote to creating a brand that is capable of distinguishing their product, service or identity. A good brand can boost sales or communicate services, messages and values successfully. 

In this sense, SIRK offers its services to adapt advertising materials to local markets in order to ensure the very best results. A web page in another language that manages to connect with the target group in question, that contains clear and precise instructions to avoid complaints and that does not detract from the brand’s value … offers a key value-added dimension. 

This service is aimed at both end clients and creative agencies that carry out campaigns and produce messages and branding. And, above all, it saves time and money. 

This service is known as TRANSCREATION, a new and somewhat strange term that encompasses an excitingly creative and precise art. Its goal is to ensure that readers of another language have the same reaction to a message as those who read the text in the original language. Achieving this requires large doses of creativity, originality and knowledge of other cultures. More than a translation, TRANSCREATION consists of rewriting a text in another language by taking into account the unique cultural characteristics of that language.

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SIRK works with the INTERPRETERS’ ASSOCIATION OF MADRID (AIM). If you require an interpreting service, we can produce a quote that is tailored to your needs.


We have never applied a surcharge for urgent translations and we have never imposed a minimum charge for the most common languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Catalan.

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